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1.                Information Technology and Organizational Integration

2.                Building Information Systems to Integrate the Manufacturing Supply Chain

3.                Venture Capital and Innovation in Information Technology: Evaluation of the French Public Policy

4.                 Remote Information Organization and Decentralized Education

5.                Information Technologies and Corporate Performance: Review and Application to France

6.                Impact of Information Technology on the Policies of Export Processing Zones: Comparison between the Multimedia Super Corridors

7.                Information Networking as an Instrument of Sustainable Development: The Photovoltaic Example

8.                Information Technology and Competitive Advantage:  The Integration of Organizational and Technological Resources

9.                Information Technology and the Rate of Internationalization

10.           Information Strategies: Motor Dealerships and the Porter generic strategy concept

11.           The development of strategic information systems in the knowledge-based, focusing on core competency development

12.           An analysis of the learning impact of Information System implementations in the Small to Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) retail environment

13.           Information Strategy and Performance

14.            New Information Technologies in the Old Political Economy: An Exploration of a Community-based GIS for Improving Services to the Poor in City ( ….)

15.           Incorporation of Competitive Pricing Information in Revenue Management Models for Hotels

16.           Simple Newsvendor Heuristics for Multi-echelon Distribution Networks  

17.           Analysis of Airline Passengers’ Price Elasticity and Ticketing Behavior 

18.           Optimizing Decentralized Sales through Capacity Allocations in the Sea

19.           Cargo Industry and Promotions in the Automotive Industry  

20.           An Analysis of Pricing and Lead time Policies within the Marketing/Operations Interface

21.           Robust Optimization for Freight Transportation Problems

22.           Joint Product Development and Inter-firm Innovation

23.           Inventory Control in a Build-To-Order Environment

24.            The Design of Incentives for the Management of Supply and Demand 

25.           Managing Uncertainty in Engineering Design using Imprecise

26.           Probabilities and Information Economics

27.           Ranking and Selection Procedures for Binomial and Multinomial Data

28.           Extended CONWIP- Kanban System: Design, Control, and Analysis  

29.           Scheduling a 2-Machine Finite Buffer Flow Shop for the Electronics Industry  

30.           Formal Methods of Value Sharing in Supply Chains

31.           Multi-Tier Inventory Systems with Space Constraints

32.           Evaluation of Postponement Strategies for Mass Customization

33.           The Stochastic Vendor Managed Inventory Problem and its Variations

34.            Interdivisional Transfer Pricing

35.           A Comparison of Two Country Risk Assessment Approaches

36.           Improvement of the management of the container transport system.

37.           A Study of the Relationship between Investments in information technology and Institutional Outcomes in Higher Education

38.           A study on the adoption and diffusion of information and communication technologies in the banking

39.           Populating the Specificity Frontier: IT-Support for Dynamic Organizational Processes  

40.            Multi-Party Information Systems Development: The Challenge of Cross-Boundary Collaboration  

41.            Essays on Structure and Competition in Electronic Markets  

42.         Let a Thousand Gardeners Prune: Cultivating Distributed Design in Complex Organizations

43.            Inventory Control for High-Technology Capital Equipment Firms  

44.            Analyzing the Make-to-Stock Queue in the Supply Chain and e-Business Settings  

45.            Pricing Bundles of Products and Services in the High-Tech Industry  

46.            Supply Chain Design: Capacity, Flexibility and Wholesale Price Strategies

   47.      Essays on the Role of Location in Strategy  

48.            Managing Innovation Development across Borders in the Multinational Firm

49.            Capability, Knowledge, and Innovation: Strategies for Developing the Capability to Mobilize Knowledge and Create New Knowledge for Innovation 

50.           Resources and Capabilities in High-Tech Entrepreneurship: A Study of Two Generations of Chinese Startups

51.           The development of strategic information systems in the knowledge-based, focusing on core competency development

52.           Determining the relative productivity of bank branches through Data Envelopment Analysis

53.           Determining the relative productivity of automotive dealers  through Data Envelopment Analysis 

54.            Branding in Business-to-Business markets

55.           The Role of Brand Names in Determining Image Purchase Intentions for Private Label Brands




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