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لطفا از SSD در ارسال نامه الکترونيکي و در بخش موضوع  استفاده نماييد


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Reference :

  1. System Analysis & Design methods , Whitten/Bentley ( 7th Edition)
  2. system analysis and Design , Kendal & Kendal
  3. Structured systems development , Powers/Chenney/Crow
  4. روش ساخت يافته تجزيه و تحليل و طراحي سيستم ها و انتشارات دانشگاه هرمزگانو مترجم : پيروزفر
  5. تحليل و طراحي سيستمهاو مترجم : جعفرنژاد قمي و انتشارات علوم رايانه


موضوعات آرائه شده در درس به ترتيب ارائه در زير آمده است با اشاره به آنها ميتوانيد فايل مربوطه را در کامپيوتر خود ذخيره و در صورت لزوم چاپ کنيد

Learning subjects :

  1. Information system: System and system approach

  2. Information system: system development process

  3. Information system: managing the development process

  4. System analysis :process analysis techniques

  5. System analysis :data analysis techniques

  6. System analysis :Modeling the process & computer aided software engineering

  7. system analysis :information gathering

  8. System architecture: Technical architecture

  9. System architecture: File & data base design

  10. System architecture:  General application design

  11. Software design: Human interface

  12. Software design: Software design strategies

  13. System design:  Quality assurance 

  14. System development Life cycle :  Investigation

  15. System development Life cycle :  Analysis and general design

  16. System development Life cycle :  Detailed Design

  17. System development Life cycle :  Installation and Review


Reference for lectures

  1. The contexts of system analysis & design Lecture        Chapter 1

  2. Information system building blocks Lecture                  Chapter 2

  3.   Information system development Lecture                    Chapter 3

  4. Lecture 1: System analysis and design book , general reference
  5. Lecture2 : system development life cycle
  6. Project Management Lecture                                           Chapter 4
  7. lecture 4 , Data flow diagram
  8. The contexts of system analysis & design Lecture
  9. Information system building blocks Lecture
  10. Information system development Lecture
  11. Project Management Lecture
  12. System Analysis Lecture
  13. Requirement Discovery Lecture
  14. UML Modeling Lecture
  15. Data Modeling Lecture
  16. Process Modeling Lecture     &     Modeling Details
  17. Lecture , methodology overview
  18. Lecture, system Design
  19. Lecture, Input design
  20. Lecture, User interface Design 
  21. Lecture, system implementation
  22. Lecture, system support


كار دانشجويان

دانشجويان جهت ارسال مطالب حتما به صورت ديجيتالي اقدام نمايند.

  1.  ارائه يك مفهوم از موارد درس  (تحقيق بر روي يكي از موضوعات مرتبط با طراحي سيستم)

  2. انجام يك پروژه با بكارگيري روش طراحي سيستم

Evaluation criteria

Final Exam :  12 points

Research  :  3  points , a summary should be presented  to class  (15 minutes presentation)

  1. search for at least 2 papers for the subject you have chosen from journals
  2. read the papers
  3. prepare the questions defined in article and their answers 
  4. write an paper by using the results of the paper you have read including
    1. introduction to subject
    2. literature review , summarize the paper you have read 
    3. challenges in subject, write down the questions you have found in papers and show the difference and similarities
    4. define proposal for investigation in iran/a comapny /or .... to check the challenges in local
    5. conclusion
you can choose one of the following subjects:
  • Quality standards for system development ( experiences and standards)
  • management of system development projects ( experiences and standards)
  • Design methodologies ( experiences and standards)
  • Data modeling ( experiences and standards)
  • business modeling ( experiences and standards)
  • Implementation ( experiences and standards)


مثال تهيه مورد کاوي  براي مطالعه موردي تحقيق خود را مي توانيد بر اساس  متن پيوست  انجام دهيد

نمونه هايي از کار تحقيق ( مقاله)

نمونه تحقيق مرور بر يک موضوع

1-مثال اول

2- مثال دوم

3- مثال سوم




چارچوب اقدامات پروژه                                            Down load 

Learning through practice  :   5  points 

  • choose a  business case and describe it
  • select a system/ subsystem to apply all your learning subjects to the case including
    1. Information system: the development process
    2. System analysis :process analysis 

    3. System analysis :data analysis 

    4. System analysis :Modeling the process 

    5. system analysis :information gathering

    6. System architecture: Technical architecture

    7. System architecture: File & data base design

    8. System architecture:  General application design

    9. Software design: Human interface

    10. Software design: Software design strategies

    11. System design:  Quality assurance 

    12. System development Life cycle :  Investigation

    13. System development Life cycle :  Analysis and general design

    14. System development Life cycle :  Detailed Design

    15. System development Life cycle :  Installation and Review plan

  • Note : Using other approaches for preparation of document not acceptable , only use the procedure defined as above

 فعاليت هاي  تکميلي دانشجويان - کار در منزل

Case study : please review the case and prepare a plan for system development ( stage 1 , requirement analysis)   Hotel case

Case study : ERD Design 

CASE TOOLs : link to case tools available in market





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